S4 E115 Machinima News Omnibus (Feb 2024)

This week, we spend some time talking about new tools, emergent topics, AI and copyright (again), with some interesting links for you on our show notes -

2:45 New tools for machinima makers, including iClone 8 crowd sim, Kenneth MacLean’s MegaHumans WIP and Praydog’s VR mod
8:07 SAG AFTRA update on voice acting using AIs, Replica Studios
15:32 Mickey and friends, steamboating ahead without the Mothership and Princeton’s annual Public Domain Review report
18:13 Increasing the resolution of your machinima films – there’s an AI that can help with that!
20:02 Valve releases games with AI in them but also a new system for reporting emergent uses or problem uses of AI in games
22:17 Why AI is so important for the development of the games and creative industries
25:40 Google’s Video Poet, another tool for animation, AI-enabled
26:30 PCs vs consoles, indies vs AAAs, and the role of machinima and communities!
28:48 Convergence mod for Elden Ring (and any game) – a significant update
31:43 Minecrafter being sued and why this is a bigger deal than creators vs brand companies, implications for digital twin developers, but a massive overreach by the brand?

Speakers: Ricky Grove, Damien Valentine, Tracy Harwood
Producer: Ricky Grove
Editor: Phil Rice
Music: Amino Domini Beats

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