Completely Machinima Interview: Vladimir Nadein & Dmitry Frolov, curators (June 2023)

In this bonus episode, Tracy talks to the curators of the Oberhausen International Short Film Festival, Vladimir Nadein and Dmitry Frolov.

1:31 How did you get interested in machine? 
10:28 Dedicating one of the screenings to solomon. 
19:49 The interplay between analogue and digital. 
26:36 What was the response from the audience? 
36:01 Machinima techniques and tools. 
41:47 What are your takeaways? 
50:15 Next steps for the future of machinima and Oberhausen as important legacy. 
58:23 Copyright issues. 
1:00:00 The constant struggle between filmmakers and capitalists. 

Credits -
Speakers: Tracy Harwood, Vladimir Nadein, Dmitry Frolov
Producer: Tracy Harwood
Editor: Ricky Grove
Music: Anno Domini Beats
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