S3 E67: Film Review: The Gateway (March 2023)

End Music: Nebular Focus by Dan Henig
This week's film review is The Gateway by  @ritualenfilm3976 , made with  @UnrealEngine and released in May 2020. Its a mix of some well-known alien life sci-fis we all love, the pacing is nicely done and there are some interesting effects that we comment on although we're not quite sure what the ending is all about. Ricky also tells us about a new Philip K. Dick inspired (Blade Runner stylized) release on  @Netflix called JUNG_E.

Time stamps -
0:14 Intro to the film.
3:35 A gateway to another world.
5:39 The story is just a sketch.
7:53 Tracy’s impressions of the film.
9:07 Hiding the details.
11:25 Science Fiction Recommendations: JUNG_E
13:11 The problem with not having enough character content.
16:12 A war hero’s brain.

Show notes: www.completelymachinima.com

Credits - Speakers: Ricky Grove, Phil Rice, Tracy Harwood, Damien Valentine 
Producer/Editor: Ricky Grove 
End music: Nebular Focus by Dan Henig
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