S4 E125 Its science but not as we know it... Blackholes & New York (Apr 2024)

This week, we discuss one of the most outstanding presentations of space science, by  @EpicSpaceman , called I put 4M Suns in a Blackhole. Made in Blender, we discuss the creative workflow adopted, from zero to hero - and why the  @BlenderOfficial Foundation should take note. We make a few suggestions for enhancing the work even more and discuss the primary audiences for this type of conrtent. Quite simply, the narrative style and animation makes hard science relatable! 

1:50 Intro to film and its creator: low output, high quality 
6:47 Choosing the role of a narrator and making a connection with the audience 
10:15 Carl Sagan reincarnated! 
13:37 Just-in-time learning and visual storytelling 
17:53 Citizen scientist, but not as we know it! 
20:00 Outstanding presentation, beyond lockdown 
21:30 A relatable way to make content 
22:24 How is this a real-time production? 
25:59 Could this be screened in a cinema theatre? 
28:00 Going pro. The challenge of managing your values 
30:15 Why Blender? Blender Foundation take note! 
32:15 Playing a scientist vs being a scientist 
35:10 One of the greatest #machinima films we’ve seen

Credits -
Speakers: Ricky Grove, Phil Rice, Tracy Harwood, Damien Valentine
Producer: Ricky Grove
Editor: Phil Rice
Music: Animo Domini Beats
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