S4 E124 Machinima News Omnibus (Apr 2024)

A packed review this month, with some sad :( better :| and happy news :)

1:42 Demise of Rooster Teeth and yet RVB will outlive the corporate brand!  We reminisce about the early days of machinima and the influence Rooster Teeth had on the emerging creator community
26:30 Drax Files: World Makers comes to a close
33:37 Awards! Sam Crane’s continuing success with GTA5 Hamlet at SXSW and UE5’s use in War is Over, the Oscar winning animated short
39:00 AI updates: YouTube’s T&Cs – we discuss the notion of ‘realistic’ in the context of the guidelines – does the sound of a Wookie farting sound real to you… Phil really gets on a roll with this topic! Other AI updates include ConvAI, Hume, Runway and Stability AI’s 3D generator
1:09:00 Godzilla Minus One model release, celebrating the creator’s Oscar achievement – and a side discussion about rigging a cat in iClone
1:16:32 Blockbuster Inc release date announced!
1:19:00 Dune: Denis Villeneuve discusses the use of UE5 in the making of the film – not the typical machinima approach!

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Speakers: Phil Rice, Tracy Harwood, Damien Valentine
Producer/Editor: Phil Rice
Music: Animo Domini Beats
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