S4 E120 Machinima Omnibus News (Mar 2024)

This week’s podcast episode is our curated news omnibus for this month.  We cover lots, and enjoy reflecting on the significance of the stories we highlight for the world of machinima and virtual production.  Links and show notes on our website, as usual – skip to our highlights about each item with our timestamps here –
1:23 Learn UE5 in less than 60 minutes – and yes, it seems you really can! Its an excellent tutorial
6:50 Valve getting tough with modders and what it means for machinima
10:23 New moviemaking toolsets: Blockbuster Inc and Replikant (UE5)
12:39 Steamboat Willie update – Minecraft and an UE5 ‘official trailer’
14:25 The origins of the Wilhelm Scream
16:54 SORA text to video and the implications for studios and creators – what is the language of movement?
23:40 ElevenLabs new SUNO model rap
24:05 Reflecting on Valve’s journey and the early days of Machinima.com
35:05 Just what is the kick back on Disney and Steamboat Willie all about? … platforms, content, IP and the community – Star Wars, Marvel, et al
52:25 Taylor Swift, AI misuse, the law, and the significant role of community in protecting a brand – the future of developing morals
1:10:50 Damien’s report on his iClone crowd sim test
btw, the international internet pipes failed and microwaves fried our apps during this recording session, video corrupted and monsters ran loose among us, so enjoy the voice data we’ve managed to resurrect and video clips we’ve added – we’ll be back next week in full glory!
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Speakers: Phil Rice, Tracy Harwood, Damien Valentine
Producer/Editor: Phil Rice
Music: Animo Domini Beats
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