S4 E119 Feature Length: Emesis Blue (Mar 2024)

In all our years of involvement with machinima (and that's over 75 years between us), feature length has been something we've rarely found watchable... but with this week's pick, we were proven wrong, mostly! Emesis Blue, made in Source Filmmaker using the Team Fortress 2 characterisations by Fortress Films, is an incredibly well-made if very complex story that was crafted over many years.    

1:30 Overview of the plot, twists and the filmmaker
8:33 Ambiguity vs over-complex?
9:29 The merits of the long format for this film
10:15 Its all in the knitting
11:30 The first 20 minutes are exceptional
12:38 The importance of episodes
13:30 Its pulp
17:40 Nolan's influence?
25:30 Game lore didn't matter in appreciating the film
29:29 Entertaining who? 
30:39 An ending - never explain!
35:24 Storytelling craft
37:47 The Source engine
39:59 Gladiatorial process: being critical and giving feedback
41:46 Its a muddle in the middle... the title of Ricky's new autobiography

Credits -
Speakers: Phil Rice, Ricky Grove, Tracy Harwood, Damien Valentine
Producer/Editor: Phil Rice
Music: Animo Domini Beats
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