S4 E117 DC vs Marvel + Unreal Engine vs Action Man + AI (Feb 2024)

This week we compare and contrast, in a way extending that ongoing debate about whose IP is the daddy... but the ep is about much more than that too. We discuss  @solofilmmaking4857 's use of #chatgpt to generate a film's story, using the plots of 60 of his portfolio works on Batman, mixing styles and genres along the way. We don't see it as wholly successful and we discuss why. We contrast that with an unusual hobbyist technique to create 'analogue machinima', inspired by Spiderman toy figurines digitised and animated by  @MakeItMoveMedia . In the end, our conclusion is that its all Marvellous!

1:37 Vengeance Batman - bloody hell? 
4:21 Can AI ever successfully craft a story like a human? 
7:10 Analagous to Grammerly but with hilarity and glitch! 
14:49 The good parts of the film 
17:21 Batman has the biggest screen time of any character - so what's new here? 
18:42 How to be innovative with a well trodden path 
20:30 Cinematic language? ChatGPT writes dialogue like an early 1980s TV advert! 
22:00 A good experiment 
23:28 Is it time to return to the original humorous treatment of Batman? 
26:35 Marvellous time! Spiderman animations from toy model scans 
27:42 A technical exercise but a lot of fun 
28:48 The hobbyists journey is a form of 'analogue machinima' 
32:10 Creating the background with a 360 video 
33:29 The evidence of passion for craft 35:17 The challenge of video fidelity

Credits -
Speakers: Phil Rice, Damien Valentine, Tracy Harwood
Producer: Damien Valentine
Editor: Phil Rice
Music: Animo Domini Beats
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