S4 E114 After the Robbery Goes Wrong (Feb 2024)

Made with Sims 4 characters although animated in Blender to great effect, this is a short short at under one minute long by  @tricoufamily . It is also all about the title, and interesting to reflect on how we have all seen similar things in the film but interpreted them differently. We conclude this is masterfully done, but check out how we get to that! 

1:05 The painting 
4:38 Are they or aren't they together? (and again at 21:34
6:50 Which ear should the music be in? 
7:50 Empathy and Joker 2019 
11:09 It felt unfinished 
12:40 Between the scenes 
15:33 Hollywood producers... working title: the cutting room floor! 
16:47 People watching vs voyeurism 
21:41 Facial expressions 
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