S4 E113 Legends! Zelda TOTK: Godzilla | iClone: Lobachevsky (Jan 2024)

This week we discuss two very different films, both reflecting a bygone era of classic entertainment.  Firstly, an interpretation of the 1954 Japanese classic Godzilla, made in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Its unusual for a couple of reasons: its been made on a handheld Nintendo Switch in a game not really known for its creative application, and its been released only on X (Twitter). Its timing is perfect to capitalize on all the film and TV series hype at the moment so it was always going to find an appreciative audience - definitely one to check out.  Secondly, Phil has created an iClone and AI-based video to the Tom Lehrer song, Lobachevsky - its the ultimate accompaniment to this well-known political satire.  Phil discusses his creative process in its making and we also discuss how the original song came to be made at a time when Lehrer was walking a tightrope for a few reasons, so we reflect on its timing and impact.

1:37 Shinto Ritual by Sumoguri discussion (Godzilla), made in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
20:27 Lobachevsky by Phil Rice, made in iClone and with AI tools; Phil discusses the challenges of using public domain content and learning a new toolset through a creative process

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Speakers: Phil Rice, Tracy Harwood, Damien Valentine
Producer/Editor: Phil Rice
Music: Anno Domini Beats
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