S4 E111 Machinima News | GTA5 Cinematic (Jan 2024)

This week, we discuss the critical turn we witnessed in 2023 towards machinima among creative industries professionals. We highlight why it is high time there is a major rethink on the role of indie creatives and fan fiction in general. We also review a beautiful cinematic made in GTA5, and also reflect on some of the challenges with a particular camera technique. 

Discussion points - 
2:23 Hardly Working by Austrian collective Total Refusal wins a major Festival award, its significance and impact 
5:10 2023 was a critical turn for machinima productions and their global recognition among professionals in the creative industries 
13:30 Amazon and Games Workshop collaboration, what does this mean for Warhammer 40K fan fiction content? 
15:45 Cooking the goose that lays the golden egg: a book sequel writer’s tale, the Tolkein Estate and Amazon – why we are approaching a perfect storm; the principles on which judges have made decisions need to be called into question and its importance for machinima indie creators 
32:14 Cyberpunk’s booklet for the Ultimate Edition, hidden depths and why this needs to be followed up 
39:40 Cinematic Experience of GTA5 Machinima, by Syed – Damien introduces this pick; Tracy comments on the music choice, quality of editing and unusual connections being made between people, things and events; and Phil compares it to Brad Pitt! 
45:13 Algorithmic shaky cam and its discontents 

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Credits -
Speakers: Phil Rice, Damien Valentine, Tracy Harwood
Producer/Editor: Phil Rice
Music: Coast by Anno Domini Beats
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