S4 E110 Elden Ring Machinima: Overpowering Character Builds (Jan 2024)

Kicking off 2024 with machinima from a slightly different perspective: this week, Ricky introduces us to the #letsplay/#tutorial/#epicguideline/#showNtell genre in his favorite game of all time: Elden Ring.  Its the first time we've heard just how much time he's spent in game and we won't draw attention to it just in case his partner is following us... but from the machinimas he shared with us, he's by no means alone.  We discuss their usefulness and impact in the world of machinima, why building OP characters is important and just how skilled these creators are not only in the game but also in producing documentaries about the game.  We start with a discussion about a new laptop for gaming Ricky has found that is up to the complexities of the Elden Ring task, and then he gives a run through of two specific films, plus some name checks across the various different approaches to OP building and boss fighting he's observed.

0:45 Asus laptop for gaming
4:05 Name checks for different genres of Elden Ring OP channels
9:06 Ricky's favorite machinima pick: The Strongest DEX Build You’ll Ever See in Elden Ring (GET OP EARLY) | Ultimate Warrior Guide, by Nizar GG
11:14 Ricky's second string pick: How to Make the 20 Best STRENGTH BUILDS | Elden Ring, by Thingfishy
12:16 Damien threatens to invest in the game and challenge Ricky
14:05 Tracy's comments: without these guides, many folks would leave the ER community
20:42 Phil reflects on the PacMan guides of the 1980s... and asks the question 'are game developers getting more and more daring and willing to create something really complex because they know what we the users can do', well yes seemingly!

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Speakers: Ricky Grove, Phil Rice, Damien Valentine, Tracy Harwood
Producer: Ricky Grove
Editor: Phil Rice
Music: Anno Domini Beats
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