S4 E103 Longest Walkable Distances (in a game) | UE: The Alchemist's Confession (Nov 2023)

This week we present a critique of two very contrasting machinima productions - one took literally months to make and the other just a few days.  In our first pick, the creator has asked: just how big are the maps in games these days?  Well, vast actually - and quite frankly it blows our minds to think that so much effort has gone into answering the question.  The film is called Longest Walkable Distances in a Video Game, by How Big is the Map.  Our second film is a review of a creative experiment in Unreal Engine, called The Alchemist's Confession by Cory Williams - it was inspired by a found marketplace asset and is experimental in a number of ways, not least in the five days it took to make it. Ricky highlights the  weakness in the writing albeit the film is technically masterfully produced and acted, using mocap and LinkedIn (yep, you heard that correctly!).  We also start this episode with some links we hope you enjoy and a discussion about the voice characterisation of G Man in the Half Life series.

2:03 The unmistakable character of G Man and his speeches in the Half Life series
6:12 Longest Walkable Distances in a Video Game discussion
25:05 The Alchemist's Confession discussion

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Speakers: Ricky Grove, Phil Rice, Tracy Harwood, Damien Valentine
Producer: Ricky Grove
Editor: Damien Valentine
Music: Anno Domini Beats

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