S4 E100 Special: Machinima Reflections

Celebrating our 100th episode on the CM podcast/YouTube show, we reflect how far machinima has come and some of the recent trends we've observed in our film reviews - a medium we all love. Please do add your thoughts and reflections in the comments below too. 

3:25 The impact of isolation during COVID-19 led to Damien’s participation in the show. 
5:17 Phil reflects on the decline of the Machinima community and how it affected him personally. 
7:00 Ricky’s skepticism, feeling that the community and passion for the medium have been lost after M.com’s acquisition and subsequent demise. 
7:43 Phil feeling heartbroken but then rebounding with renewed positivity, excitement about the growth of the show, from a small YouTube channel to a well-oiled machine with a podcast and blog. 
12:30 Tracy’s research and news contributions have been instrumental in the show's success, and her and Ben’s book publication is a testament to the show's growth and impact. 
17:13 Tracy reflects on the evolution of machinima, from its origins to the present day, the emergence of Unreal Engine as a dominant tool for creators, with its accessibility and customisability allowing for a wide range of creative works. 
18:47 Unreal Engine has democratised machinima, making it possible for creators from every corner of the planet to produce high-quality work, free of charge. 
21:07 Machinima's growth and AI tools in filmmaking and for animation, including realistic character generation and interaction, and how it's democratized creative possibilities for artists. 
22:17 The resurgence of interest in machinima, with a new generation of creators pushing the medium forward through AI integration. 
24:05 Recognition of machinima for its importance in the creative computing industry, with a new network funded by the European Union including machinima in their archive of cultural heritage. 
26:15 The diversity of game engines used in machinima this year, including GTA, Red Dead Redemption, World of Warcraft, and Second Life. films like @DurenMachinima "Neo Stormwind", @yescommissioner2685 “Prazinburke Ridge”, @JPFerre "The Ghost", @RGStudios "After War", @TheParryGod "Patient Zero”, @orencloud “Secret Moon", @Anomidae "Interloper" and @kradproductions “917” among many others. 
28:57 The role of humor in creativity. 
32:17 The nostalgia for early machinima is evident in the recreated experiences in modern films 
32:50 Future of machinima: #mAIchinima, where games become embedded in AI generated animation and films integrate these cultural references. 

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Speakers: Phil Rice, Damien Valentine, Tracy Harwood, Ricky Grove 
Producer: Tracy Harwood 
Editor: Phil Rice 
Music: Anno Domini Beats
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