S3 E91 No Man's Sky: Origins (August 2023)

This week's review is of a No Man's Sky machinima called Origins, produced by Evil Dr.Porkchop. Its a beautiful cinematic travelogue showcasing the vast expansiveness that is No Man's Sky - a game in which you will almost never have the same experience twice.  Of course, Ricky wanted more drama and story but Phil nails it, reflecting on what might be possible if you could use No Man Sky's environments with Eve Online's space battles and Star Citizen's avatars!  Yeah... but that's not this film!

Key points -
7:38 Music by Confidential MX, Rebirth Overtone
16:29 A love letter to Star Trek
18:36 Question about No Man's Sky machinima  making - can anyone help? 

Credits -
Speakers: Tracy Harwood, Ricky Grove, Damien Valentine, Phil Rice
Producer: Tracy Harwood
Editor: Damien Valentine
Music:  Intro: Doctor Dreamchip & Outro: Arps Solina

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