S3 E90 Unreal Engine: The Crown | Hunt (August 2023)

This week we feature two films by Chinese artist collective studio, @Motzify Mohua. These two shorts, The Crown and Hunt, are made in Unreal Engine and show extraordinary qualities in very different ways: The Crown is a fairytale made originally for World Children's Day and illustrates traditional cultural references with gorgeous imagery; Hunt is a cyberpunk anti-hero teaser. Our main 'complaint' is that we need more detail from the artists! 

3:23 Unreal Engine is one of the best tools for making machinima. 
8:14 The crown and the sword. 
12:03 The mystique of the film - a hybridised 2D/3D animation style
16:36 What struck Tracy about the first film. 
19:55 Cthulhu, the ultimate evil. 
27:53 What is style and why is it important? 
31:58 Hidden politics. 

Credits - 
Speakers: Ricky Grove, Phil Rice, Tracy Harwood, Damien Valentine 
Producer: Tracy Harwood 
Editor: Damien Valentine
Music: Intro: Doctor Dreamchip & Outro: Arps Solina
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