S3 E72 Film Review: Astartes (April 2023)

This week's review is of  @Astartes40k aka Syama Pedersen's stunning Warhammer 40K masterpiece called Astartes Project. The film was first released two years ago and has been recommended to us by  @orencloud . It is currently hosted on  @TheChach 's channel - we explain why.

1:07 Disclaimers
4:38 Thoughts about the game
8:02 How to carry the story forward
11:39 Are they the good guys or the bad guys?
17:42 Game-based machinima and its problems
22:35 It's better for you than for them
27:11 Mansplaining the film

Credits - Speakers:  @zsOverman @tgharwood @DarthAngelus (MIA  @RickyGrove
Producer: Phil Rice 
Editor: Damien Valentine 
Music: bainmack / punk rock short 31 from freesound.org
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