S3 E65 Film Review: Let's Play Nomad X by Kristian Andrews (Feb 2023)

Ricky's pick for the month is Let's Play Nomad X by Kristian Andrews, uploaded to Vimeo on 11 Mar 2013. The film is a 'slice of life' comedy with intriguing mix of playing a 90s style space game, Nomad X, and reflecting on losing the love of your life - a perfect antidote for those Valentine's week shenanigans!

0:10 Let’s Play Nomad X by Kristian Andrews
3:59 Let’s play, let's play 6:27 The shared consciousness of video games
9:00 Inspired by Frontier Elite Dangerous
12:02 Nostalgia factor of video games
13:35 The Halle Project
16:05 The genius of the story
17:57 The importance of good storytelling

Show notes and links: www.completelymachinima.com/

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Speakers: Ricky Grove, Phil Rice, Tracy Harwood, Damien Valentine 
Producer: Ricky Grove 
Editor: Damien Valentine 
Music: Nebular Focus by Dan Henig
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