S3 E53 Film Reviews: The Remnants & So Palpatine Needs Padme Dead... (Nov 2022)

This week we have two great films to share with you courtesy of Damien. Our main film is The Remnants by @StanPetruk, a disturbing tale of the aftermath of some global disaster, created as part of @Reallusion's Pitch and Produce programme. Our bonus film is a Mobile Short treat, So Palpatine Needs Padme Dead...[LEGO Edition] by @CinematicSeriesGaming. Its astonishing what can be packed into 60 seconds!
Time stamps -
1:13 The Remnants
22:26 So Palpatine Needs Padme Dead...[LEGO Edition]

Enjoy, and as ever, feedback and suggestions welcome!

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Credits -
Speakers: Ricky Grove, Damien Valentine,Tracy Harwood, Phil Rice
Editor/Producer: Damien Valentine
Music: Scott Buckley - www.scottbuckley.com.au CC 00
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