S3 E76 Film Review: After War (May 2023)

This week, Ricky, Phil and Damien begin with an brief discussion of the roles AI is being used for to restore old machinimas, and in particular the very exciting upcoming release Phil will be doing of old Machiniplex films - more on that in due course!  

The film discussion centres on After War by RG Studios, and their approach to telling a story without moving a camera in the Half Life 2 world. 

3:19 Ethical considerations in upscaling. 
5:35 How good is the game? 
7:59 How to choose a film. 
11:43 Single camera in one place in one shot. 
16:21 The sound of the film. 
19:34 Challenging your expectations. 

Credits -
Speakers: Ricky Grove, Phil Rice, Damien Valentine (MIA Tracy Harwood)
Producer/Editor: Ricky Grove
Music: Opening title sequence: Flow by MK2; Closing titles: Arp Solina
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