S3 E59 Film Review: The Voice in the Hollow by Half M.T. Studios (Jan 2023)

Welcome to a brand new year, 2023! We start the year off with Tracy's pick of the month, a sublime short by Half M.T Studios, called The Voice in the Hollow, made using Unreal Engine. We were blown away by quality of the virtual production in this short, although Ricky highlights a couple of pointers from a storytelling perspective. The film is a very dark little tale, a la Cain and Abel, but there's an even deeper back story to this one which Tracy explains. The film provokes a discussion about the differences and similarities between virtual production and machinima - asking just how much fun is there now with making these productions? Spoiler alert: lots of course!
0:14 Introduction to this episode. 

9:45 The stylized look of the film. 

11:44 How they arrived at the world of the film. 

15:43 The flaws in the story. 

21:52 Is there still a significant audience for quick and dirty machinima? 

27:26 The audience’s reaction to machinima. 

33:33 Machinima’s plight is a hidden one. 

37:57 What are your thoughts on my criticism of the story aspect of the voice in the hollow? 

40:01 Why some of the ambiguities in the film didn’t bug Ricky. 

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Speakers: Ricky Grove, Phil Rice, Tracy Harwood, Damien Valentine 
Producer/Editor: Ricky Grove
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