S3 E92 Unreal Engine: Horror (August 2023)

A truly terrifying short for some, Horror is more like an absurd dream for others. The film is made by Yang Hyunjun, released 4 June 2023. Its creator showcases some incredible scene detail, especially at the beginning of the film, but thereafter, loses a little of the pathos and credibility in the storytelling.

Key points -
6:00 Tracy picks a horror film. 
11:52 Situating yourself with the character, facial animation and narrative. 
15:34 Men are the easiest people in the world to make fun of (according to Phil). 
21:30 Paranoia and psychosis – what was the intent of the filmmaker?
26:44 Challenge of communicating cultural differences between East and West. 

Credits -
Speakers: Tracy Harwood, Ricky Grove, Damien Valentine, Phil Rice
Producer: Tracy Harwood
Editor: Ricky Grove
Music: intro: Doctor Dreamchip, outro: Arps Solina, Otis McDonald
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