S4 E97 Elden Ring: Monty Python (Oct 2023)

Kicking off Season 4 of the podcast, we review a Monty Python inspired film, integrating one of their greatest films with Elden Ring – Holy Grail.  The film has been made by The Escapist in collaboration with eli_handle_b.wav and is a brilliantly edited and composited mashup.  It is also a very appropriate pick for this episode since Monty Python were the inspiration for this podcast in the first place, so we reflect in the show that we’ve now been working on this podcast longer than the original Star Trek series ran + another 20 years collaborating on top of that too!
We also discuss news items: the launch of Starfield; Nexus Mods; Unity’s faux pas with the community of creators; Ricky’s attempt to install an AMD 7800T graphics card; and, the Sims Animation and Machinima Convention.
00:15 Film review and discussion
11:00 Monty Python inspiration for the podcast!
14:50 Starfield and Nexus Mods
20:18 Unity’s ball dropping episode
28:58 Installing an AMD 7800T
33:16 Sims Machinima and Animation Convention 2023
Credits –
Speakers: Ricky Grove, Phil Rice, Tracy Harwood, Damien Valentine
Producer: Phil Rice
Editor: Ricky Grove
Music: Anno Domini Beats
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