S4 E107 Epic Battles: Northern Wars | Oryctes (Dec 2023)

This week's film picks are of epic battle scenes: one made in Warhammer and the other Unreal Engine. There are similarities and contrasts between these two works, respectively created by a gamer, Game Thumb, and a CG production team, Glow Productions - and that also includes the opinions of the CM crew reviewing the works! What's your view, please do add you comments on our YT review or ep blog post.  The ep begins with an update on Ricky's take on the SAG AFTRA deal for his Army of Darkness characterisations.

1:07 the SAG AFTRA deal
5:14 Tracy's review of Northern Wars (Warhammer) and Oryctes (UE) focussing on the mood scenes
16:09 Ricky reverses the argument
18:07 Phil invokes Wittgenstein 
34:20 Damien's observes that neither film could easily be made in the other game engine! 

Credits -
Speakers: Ricky Grove, Phil Rice, Damien Valentine, Tracy Harwood
Producer: Damien Valentine
Editor: Ricky Grove
Music: Anno Domini Beats
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