E3 S70 Film Review: Mann Co: Employee Training Video (March 2023)

This week's film is a SFM Saxxy 2017 entry from  @TipsyDucks called Mann Co: Employee Training Video. Lots of in-jokes and satire in the style of a PSA, with a fantastic voiceover by Keith Ferrell aka MrTush.

4:13 We don't pay you to think. We pay you to work.
7:07 Team Fortress 2 stylized graphics.
9:02 Phil’s sense of humour and satire.
10:31 Pushing the edge of appropriateness.
13:42 The value of safe comedy.
16:07 The difference between satire and tastelessness.
19:04 Christoph Waltz' The Consultant, based on Bentley Little novel.

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Speakers:  @zsOverman @RickyGrove @DarthAngelus @tgharwood
Producer: Phil Rice 
Editor: Damien Valentine 
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