Completely Machinima History with Ben Grussi (January)

Completely Machinima History with Ben Grussi (January) Ben reviews some of the major happenings during the month of January in the early days of machinima. Starting with 1997 there's Operation Bay-Shield. 1998 has the First Quake 2 movie - The Mad Bomber. Rematic a machinima tool by Anthony Bailey is released in 1999. Also in this year Phil Rice released his notable film, Father Frags Best - a machinima classic. 2000 sees founded and Quad God film was released along with several other notable films. 2002 saw the Reel-Time Challenge contest along with Psyk's Popcorn Jungle retiring (a big machinima review site). 2003 Anachronox the Movie Part 1 was released. 2004 Red vs Blue second season launched. In 2005 the first noveletta about machinima was written by Mike Hoefflinger called Moving Pictures. In 2006, Hugh Hancock, founder of stepped away from the site to focus on his filmmaking. SUMMARY KEYWORDS machinima, released, film festival, people, part, film, game, big deal, quake, biggest, year, notable, series, team, nostalgia, spike tv, award, halo, gmail, December SPEAKERS Ben Grussi
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