Completely Machinima History with Ben Grussi: Quake II Machinima

In this episode, Ben reviews the notable machinima films made in the early years of the Quake II engine, including skits, a talk show, music videos and some hard hitting documentaries. This ep also reviews the first real-time live performance of a machinima by The ILL Clan at the Florida Film Festival (2003), which was based on their earlier created characters of Cook Carl and Lenny & Larry Lumberjack. Show notes and links to the films on the ep blog post.
Completely Machinima blog post, show notes and links here -

Time Stamps

0:36 Hardly Workin’ by The ILL Clan, released 22 August 2000
1:57 Eschaton: Nightfall by Strange Company, released 1 Sept 1999
4:27 Late Nite With Toxy and Essobie, Ep 1, released 24 August 1998
6:50 Rebel Versus Thug by Ken “3D Filmmaker” Thain, released 10 May 2006
8:10 Rick Jones 2 by Bryan “CrustaR” Henderson, released 25 Nov 1999
9:35 Father Frags Best by Phil Rice (ZS Overman), released 1999
13:09 Circus Life Part 1 & Part 2 by Andre “Donovan” Luis, released August 1998
17:20 Common Sense Cooking With Carl The Cook, realtime performance by The ILL Clan at Florida Film Festival 16 March 2003
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