Completely Machinima S2 Ep 32 News & Discussion (March 2022)

In this episode, Ricky, Tracy and Damien discuss latest developments in Nvidia Omniverse – Code and Omnivores, the KGB in Minecraft, Backlot, best games for M1 Mac, a video about setting up your home studio for sound recording, the upcoming Nvidia AI conference, implications for machinima creators of Microsoft’s announcements to buy Activision Blizzard, Philip Rosedale & Wagner James Au’s podcast, a music celebration of TMUnderground by Edan Mackenzie called A Fond Farewell and a discussion about Second Life and machinima. Summary Keywords: machinima, life, omniverse, films, games, metaverse, thought, people, create, virtual, news, called, piece, real, talk, buy, phil, nvidia, interesting, podcast
Damien Valentine, Tracy Harwood, Ricky Grove

Time stamps:
1:56 Nvidia Omniverse, Omniverse Code and Meet the Creators (Omnivores)
4:11 KGB in Minecraft – yes really!
3:00 Backlot – not a lot
6:44 Best games for M1 Mac by Tyler Stalman
9:10 Music and sound studio set up for machinima: Everything I use as a full-time content creator by Malinda
10:54 Nvidia AI conference, GTC 2022
13:00 Implications of games convergence into Microsoft ownership for machinima
·       BBC News article, 18 Jan 2022
15:08 Philip Rosedale & Wagner James Au on the future of Second Life and the Metaverse, podcast
17:43 Edan Mackenzie’s A Fond Farewell composition celebrating the achievements of TMUnderground which has finally gone offline 
21:30 Discussion: Second Life for machinima

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Producer/editor: Ricky Grove
Music:  Arps Solina - Mylar Melodies
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