Completely Machinima History with Ben Grussi: Quake I Machinima

In this episode, Ben reminds us where the story of machinima originated in those early Quake movies which have become classic game-based films. He talks us through the most notable contributions by the pioneers using the Quake 1 engine from the first four years. Tune in next month when Ben concludes the history of Quake with reviews of notables in Quake 2 and 3. You can find links to the films on our blog and some in our YouTube playlist for History of Machinima. Credits: Producer/Editor: Ricky Grove Music: Kharmafo's Sicily House 3. Creative Commons.
Ben reviews classic Quake 1 films from the machinima archives –
0.48 Diary of a Camper by The Rangers, released 26 October 1996
2.00 Torn Apart series by The Rangers, first released 6 November 1996
2.28 Apartment Huntin’ by The ILL Clan, released 17 May 1998
3.23 Escheton: Darkness Twilight by Strange Company, released 20 January 1998 (by Walking Wounded)
4.30 Blahbalicious by Avatar & Wendigo, released 9 December 1997
5.40 Devil’s Covenant by Clan Phantasm, released 2 August 1998
6.59 Operation Bayshield by Clan Undead, released 24 January 1997
8.02 Zerstorer by Nihilism Unlimited, released 27 September 1997
9.06 Seal of Nehahra by Nehahra Team, released 6 August 2000
9.46 Scourge Done Slick by Quake Done Quick Team, released 25 July 1998

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