Completely Machinima Interview: Rene Jacob aka direx1974

In this episode of the Completely Machinima podcast, Ricky interviews filmmaker Rene Jacob, aka direx1974, about his fan machinima film Alien: The Message – a film we reviewed in the April 2022 Films Episode of the podcast. Through this film, Rene explains how he achieved his childhood goal of creating an homage to the Alien world and franchise – and the years of work that went into it. He discusses his use of iClone 7 to create the effects he wanted and also his development of the soundscape for the movie. You can find the links to the film and our review of it on our blog post.
Alien: The Message, a fan film by direx1974
Reallusion’s iClone 7
The Tavern, upcoming series by Rene Jacob

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Rene Jacob (aka direx1974)
Ricky Grove

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