Still Here... a chilling dystopian tale of a world devasted by climate crisis and wealth inequality. This week's review is of a film by Guido Ekker, featured on the Film Shortage Channel (YouTube), and is one of the few shorts we've seen that attempts to make a point beyond pure entertainment. We identify some of the stereotypical tropes used and discuss the creative potential of machinima and virtual production for this kind of political messaging - all with our usual critical bonhomie.

3:49 Film’s story: a call to action for the planet. 
7:33 Climate change is a big problem. 
10:41 Visuals and acting. 
17:00 Running away from polemics. 
22:24 The future of activist content creation. 
24:42 This is not a simple issue. 
26:37 The Orville and Star Trek 
28:19 Political themes in science fiction. 

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Speakers: Ricky Grove, Phil Rice, Tracy Harwood, Damien Valentine
Editor/Producer: Ricky Grove
Music: Arps Solina
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