S3 E85 Its Just a Game (July 2023)

Nope, its not 'just a game', its one of the most visually stunning Gothic story open worlds ever created (according to Ricky)!  In this ep, we discuss GraysonFlows' tribute to the world of Elden Ring, set to Max Richter's November composition, which highlights the beauty of the game from the exhausting open sequence to the final prize, creatures, battles and voice acting.  

0:12 Intro. 
2:00 Hacking major games for free. 
5:06 Tribute to the best game of the year. 
8:11 Elden Ring Machinima. 
10:42 The beauty and depth of the three sections. 
13:36 The mythology of christianity and religion. 
16:17 The tarnished are in between people. 
18:09 One piece of advice for anyone wanting to play Elden Ring. 

Credits -
Speakers: Ricky Grove, Phil Rice, Tracy Harwood, Damien Valentine
Producer: Phil Rice
Editor: Ricky Grove
Music: Arps Solina, Otis McDonald
© 2022 And Now For Something Completely Machinima