Completely Machinima History with Ben Grussi - Unreal Engine

In this episode, Ben goes deep into the archives and digs out the earliest days of Unreal…. Long before the launch of Unreal Engine, the first machinima productions were made in Unreal 1 as early as 1998. Ben then traces the lack lustre performance of machinima in Unreal as a genre until such time as the Make Something Unreal Contest was launched in 2003 – then BANG!!! Credits: Speakers: Ben Grussi Producer/Editor: Ricky Grove Music: Unreal 1 soundtrack
0:45 Unreal 1 Released – 22 May 1998
2:22 Unframed Productions formed, with James Hammer-Morton and Hugh MacDonald, and created Resident Evil themed content
3:13 Unreal Tournament 1 – 23 May 1999 and Reactor4’s Real Time Movie Studio mod
4:16 Unreal Tournament 2003/2004 which included the first edition of Matinee and further information round 12:00
5:04 Star Fury produces Sucker in 2003
5:58 2003, Epic Games launches the Make Something Unreal Contest with notable films awarded runners up by Friedrich Kirschner (The Tournament) and Unframed Productions’ Lucky Man, EG_Intro from Hongman Leung and The Showdown by Accelerated Pictures.
7:25 2004, Epic’s Make Something Unreal Contest winner was Friedrich Kirschner’s The Journey
8:18 Creators Testing concepts for Blade Runner, Lord of the Things and others
11:12 Spielberg uses Unreal Tournament 1 for pre-viz for Artificial Intelligence with ILM
14:06 First version of Epic’s Unreal Engine released in October 2003 for education and non-commercial projects
15:02 Computer website, HomeLAN, interviewed Friedrich Kirschner about his 2004 winning film The Journey and Steve Polge at Epic Games about why the film was selected – interesting comments!

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17:36 Victory’s tutorials on Unreal Tournament 2004
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